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March 2017
9th International Master Class, Milan, prof. Paolo Costelnuovo, prof. Pietro Palma, Milan, Italy. Organizers: European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, European Society of Rhinologists, Italian Academy of Rhinology, Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Italian Otolaryngology Association of Facial Plastic Surgery.
March 2017
Practical course on rhinoplasty on cadaveric material, Istanbul, Turkey. Organizer: European Society of Rhinoplasty.
February 2017
Annual Scientific Meeting 2017, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, San Diego, USA.
November-December 2016
“Plastic surgery of the extremities”, National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
May-June 2016
“Plastic surgery of the trunk”, National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
September-December 2016
Specialization “Surgical Dentistry”, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine.
November-December 2015
“Plastic surgery of a mammary gland”, National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
October-November 2015
“Minimally invasive techniques in plastic surgery” National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
April-July 2014
Specialization “Oncosurgery” National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
February 2014
Extreme Live Surgery Arena Course, prof. Paolo Costelnuovo, prof. Pietro Palma, Varese, Italy.
September 2013-January 2014
Specialization “Otorhinolaryngology”, National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
January 2012
The modern facial rejuvenation method (Advanced Facial Rejuvination), prof. Peter Grossman, Los Angeles, USA.
November 2010
Individual professional improvement course “Esthetical breast surgery” (Prof. Per Heden, Academic Clinic, Stockholm, Sweden.
January 2008
4th International Course on Septoplasty - Rhinoplasty, Linz, Austria; Organizer: European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.
International Business Institute (MBA). President: Alexander V. Mertens, Ph.D. Program: Executive Business Administration. Degree: Master of Business Administration.
February 2006
Participant of the symposium on aesthetic reconstructive surgery of adults and children, Tucson, Arizona, USA, organized by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.
April 2003- November 2006
Full-time Doctoral Studies at the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Director, Corresponding Member of the AMS of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor V.F. Saienko), Department of Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery (Head Professor N.F. Driuk), Kiev, Ukraine .
February 2000
Course in facial plastic surgery techniques, College of the University of London, Laryngology and Otiatrics Institute in association with the Royal National Throat, Nose and Hearing Hospital, London, England. Head of the Department: Tony Wright.
May 1999
Course on rhinoplasty prof. Monastario. Course on surgery of aging face prof. McKinney, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.
January - February 1999
Postgraduate course “Surgical dentistry”, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, National P.L. Shupik Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine.
December 1998
Course “Modern Rhinoplasty”, Royal School of Surgeons of England, London (Course Manager: Charles East).
June 1997
Course of modern endonasal surgery (Prof. Kozlov and Pshenisnov). Center for Microendoscopic Otolaryngology, Yaroslavl, Russia.
June 1997
Internship on specialty “Surgery”, Department of Faculty Surgery № 1. Ukrainian National Bogomolets Medical University., Kiev, Ukraine.
February 1996
The first training course of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (Prof. Hinderer), EURAPS, ISPRAS, Moscow, Russia.
June 1995
Honorary Diploma with Distinction of the Ukrainian National Bogomolets Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine, specialty “Medical Care”.
Work experience
The author and ideologist of the Perfecto Room concept, the ideal space for self-improvement, through synergy of plastic surgery, psychological and genetic health, Kiev, Ukraine.
The head of the Medical Center for Treatment, Training and Scientific Activity “Ukrainian Academy of Plastic Surgery”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
September 2007 – 2017
Scientific supervisor of the Clinics of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery “Medical Club”, Kiev, Ukraine.
September 2006 – September 2007
Director of the Private Clinic of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery “Medical Club”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Plastic surgeon. Clinic of plastic surgery “Visit – Cosmetic”, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Kiev, Ukraine.
May 1999
Plastic surgeon. Center for aesthetic surgery, National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine.
May 1997
Practicing surgeon. Clinic of plastic surgery “Virtus”. Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, State University, Odessa, Ukraine.
Surgeon. Surgical hospital, National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine.
Scientific degree and membership
November 2006
Degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences (specialty 14.01.03- surgery) in accordance with the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. Dissertation on the topic: “Pathogenetic Aspects of Age and Aesthetic Changes of the Face and Neck, Substantiation of Complex Treatment and Methods of Preventing Complications”.
February 1999
The degree of candidate of medical sciences (specialty 14.01.03 - surgery) in accordance with the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. Dissertation on the topic: “Criteria for Diagnosing the Degree of Severity of Endogenous Intoxication and Prognosis of the Course of the Postoperative Period in Acute Cholecystitis in Elderly and Senile Patients”.
Member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.
Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.
Member of the European Society of Rhinoplasty.
The goal of a plastic operation—
not to change the facial features or body configuration, but
to restore the patient’s inner comfort
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Oksana (augmentation of mammary glands)

A big thanks to the team of Perfecto Room for professionalism and care! The surgical interventions happened without problems, the postoperative period was easy too. I trust Andrei Kharkov and his team on 100% and I am sure that in the future I will contact them again to improve my appearance. Andrei Leonidovich is not only a great professional, but also a caring, understanding, and moderately strict person, able to support, calm and reassure the patient during stressful situations.

Julia (mammoplasty)

I want to share my impressions about the Perfecto Room clinic by Andrei Kharkov. From the moment of the first consultation, I was surround by the care and love of all the staff. As soon as I opened my eyes after anesthesia, I was carried by Vita (a nurse) – a very attentive and genuinely caring girl. I am very pleased to return to the clinic every time, where there is always a pleasant music, and atmosphere of beauty, goodwill and delicious coffee. Dreams about a new beautiful life do not leave my head. I’m forever your patient !!!)))

Nina, augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation)

Thank you, Andrei Kharkov. You helped me to realize my dream of an ideal breast. Nobody believes that my present forms is the result of surgical intervention. I purposely flew to Kiev to Andrei Leonidovich, who was recommended by my pleased friends. It is surprising that in Ukraine there is such a service available – everything is on the highest level: concierge service, individual menu, a cosmetologist. In general, I give you five stars!

Katerina (rinoplastics, mentoplasty, platysmoplasty)

I strive for the ideal, so I wanted to improve the shape of my nose and chin, and also the neck line. It turned out perfect – especially I was pleased with the care that the staff creates. My doctor, Andrei Kharkov, immediately realized what kind of result I want to achieve, it is clear that he has a lot of experience and a subtle understanding of female beauty. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me!

Irina (facelift)

I believe only trusted professionals. I applied to the doctor on the recommendation. The result is more than satisfied. Good service, staff. Special thanks to the whole team of Andrei Leonidovich.

Iris Cibre (abdominoplasty)

Andrei Kharkov is a very professional, caring and friendly at the same time. I didn`t get a full result yet since it is very early to talk but for now, even I am fond of it!


I went to Andrei Leonidovich not so much for a beautiful nose, as for a healthy one. By the age of 30, his nose was broken three times. After the 3rd fracture, a few very well-known surgeons did not undertake for me. Andrei Leonidovich was not afraid. And now I’m sincerely grateful to such a truly virtuosic surgeon!


I thank Doctor Andrey Kharkov and his team for excellent work. It’s been a long time after the operation, and the result is still wonderful! With special warmth I recall the days spent at the clinic, caring and professional staff, general atmosphere of home comfort and care for the patients) Thank you!

Victoria E.

I was a patient of this clinic, in addition, two other close friends of mine were operated in her, and the results are not just happy, but delighted. In addition, all our friends who want to make some plastic changes, take our coordinates with the desire to go only to Kharkov. My first opinion was also mixed. Maybe there is excessive bombast, as some say, but I judge by the result and not just one at a time.


It is a real art to make people not just beautiful, but to give them confidence in themselves and happiness to look in the mirror with pleasure. You make the world better, because happy people cannot be wicked.

Reutter Elena, Switzerland

I’m his patient and operated on him 10 years ago, so I want to tell you what. All the surgeons of Kiev refused from me. And only he, this great man, saved his life with his well-coordinated team, and thanks to him I live a happy life! Thank you very much, Andrei Leonidovich, I always remember and thank you.