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Breast reconstruction – a set of measures aimed at restoring the breast with the help of regenerative tissues. It can also be a reconstruction of one of the mammary glands in order to give it the necessary shape. Breast reconstruction is often required after unsuccessful breast reconstruction, when it becomes necessary to correct the shape or return the volume. Such operations are often aimed at reconstructing the former form in the area of the pectoral muscle and may require several consecutive surgical interventions. Breast reconstruction, which was removed because of a cancerous tumor (mastectomy), is the most useful surgical procedure performed at this time. The level of modern medicine makes it possible to recreate a gland that is no different from a natural one. In the case when there are no medical contraindications, often this operation is combined with a mastectomy (removal of the breast) in such a way that the patient after the operation does not feel any discomfort due to the forced removal of the gland. This moment is very important from the point of view of a woman’s return to normal life. In this embodiment, the oncologist surgeon works in a team with a plastic surgeon.


Breast restoration is carried out with the aim of returning an aesthetic appearance to it with the help of returning the same volume, correct shape from the point of view of external aesthetics, restoration of the skin, including the nipple-areola complex, reconstruction of the previous symmetry and correct consistency.

Such a correction of the breast can be carried out in several ways. The initial appearance of the glands is returned by carrying out lipomodelling, using endoprosthesis expanders, applying a tattoo to the areola area, moving the existing skin, and also laser polishing scars.

A variety of options requires from the surgeon to have a lot of skills, so this procedure is carried out only by specialists of the highest category who have sufficient experience and a certain knowledge base. Only in this case, patients are provided with high-quality restoration, visually indistinguishable from natural mammary glands.
Breast correction is carried out in order to level psychological problems due to congenital or postoperative (mastectomy) lack of mammary glands. Taking into consideration the fact that breast for many is one of the main criteria for femininity, its absence can cause an irreparable hurt to the patient’s self-esteem.


Before the correction procedure, first you must consult an experienced surgeon. Taking into account all the nuances, the study of the history of the disease, the selection of the correct method of intervention will help to obtain the highest quality result from the procedure. The surgeon will tell you which material is better suited for implantation – a tissue expander or silicone implant filled with gel. If there is such an opportunity, the breast will be restored with the patient’s existing tissue.
Choosing a clinic, it is worth examining the patients’ reviews with a similar problem, who previously applied to this or that medical institution. Positive responses of women who have restored their physiological and psychological health with the help of a doctor will prompt you the right choice. High qualification of the doctor, his experience and modern equipment of the clinic will be the key to obtaining the desired result.
At the individual consultation, the surgeon will also necessarily explain in detail all possible intervention options, tell the sequence of actions taken, explain the rules of behavior before and after the operation, give recommendations regarding the recovery period, which will help return to the usual existence faster and more comfortable, calculate the approximate price of the procedure.


An operation to restore the breast after a mastectomy (as well as a correction) is performed under general anesthesia, therefore, eight hours before the operations it is necessary to refuse from eating and drinking. A month before the procedure, you should exclude cigarettes and alcohol, reduce the use of drugs that have a direct effect on the ability of blood to clot.


The first few days (maximum 5 with a favorable outcome of the operation), the patient is carried out in the hospital under the supervision of doctors and medical staff. At this time, a slight increase in body temperature is normal. Upon returning to the usual life, during a month it is necessary to exclude physical exertion, weight lifting, andi to appear at the medical examinations once a week, where stitches are removed on the tenth day. The final recovery takes place only in two – three months after the procedure.


Among the temporary side effects of the mammary glands are pain when moving, a certain decrease in sensitivity in some areas of the skin, the appearance of puffiness and, as a result, some asymmetry of the glands. At the same time, postoperative scars appear (if laser polishing has not been performed), the size of the nipple-areola complex decreases, and the sensitivity of the nipples changes. Over time scars become almost invisible, often turning into thin light lines.


The price of the procedure depends on the complexity of the case, the qualifications of the doctor and the modern equipment the clinic provides. The price will be approximately calculated at the initial consultation.

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