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Cheiloplasty (Lip plastic)

by one of the best plastic surgeons in Kyiv - Andrei Kharkov

Cheiloplasty (or lip plastic) is a part of plastic surgery aimed at giving the lips the missing volume and adjusting the shape in the frontal and lateral projections, the meaning of which is to reduce the distance between the nose (its base) and the upper lip. As a result of such a contour plastic surgery, the patient receives symmetrical, attractive, raised lips. The contour correction of the lips, in addition to their increase, is aimed at eliminating the clearly expressed congenital or acquired defects: cleft lip, cicatricial deformity, microstomy, consequences of injuries. The procedure can be injection or incisional. In the first case, the shape of the lips is changed by introducing one of the fillers under the skin (a filler based on hyaluronic acid, collagen, the patient’s subcutaneous fat — lipofilling). Adjusting the shape of the lips with the help of fillers, which are selected individually for each patient, is used only to improve the external parameters, gives a quick result, but has a temporary effect. If you want to achieve the most attractive result for a long time, you should refer to the incisional method. This surgical intervention involves the leveling of birth defects with several options (Corner Lift, Kesselring, Bulhorn, V-Y plastic).
DURATION OF OPERATION:  approximately 45 minutes.
RESTORATION PERIOD:  5-6 days until the disappearance of visible hematomas and removal of sutures, about a month for the final assessment of the result.


Corner Lift – the best option for correcting the effects of age-related changes when there is lowering of the corners of the mouth. By excision of the skin area and the mucosa above the upper lip, it is possible to achieve an effect for a long period.

Kesselring – giving the lips the desired volume without the use of implants. It is suitable for patients with very thin mucous membranes, which can be damaged by other types of lip surgery. It consists of a neat cut above the lip line and a slight tucking of the rim.

Bulhorn – reducing the distance from the base of the nose to the upper lip by removing excess tissue. The main advantage of “Bulhorn” contour correction is the absence of visible scars.
V-Y plastic is a lifelong effect of volume and perfect shape, which is obtained by making small V-shaped cuts, stitched together in a Y-shaped form, bringing out the inner lip surface. The minimum recovery period, the ability to hide scars or other visible defects makes this type of heiloplasty very popular, as can be judged from the many positive reviews.


HEILOPLASTY is a procedure used when it is necessary to achieve lip symmetry, to increase or correct the shape, to neutralize the effect of gravity, to get rid of spliced corners and facial wrinkles, to correct the effects of injury or birth defects. Such contour plastics is performed when the tissue is insufficiently filled, when there is a large distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip.

However, in conducting surgery, the surgeon may refuse in the case of individual intolerance to drugs used during contouring (in particular, Bulhorn), the existence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, poor blood clotting, infectious diseases, mental disorders.

A feature of this procedure is the ability of the patient to choose the type of anesthesia for simple operations.


An individual consultation is necessary to let the doctor know the history of the patient’s illness, his allergic reactions, past injuries or birth defects, to assess the scale of the future surgical intervention. Taking into account the features of your face and the desired result, the doctor will select the necessary method of heiloplasty (Bulhorn, Kesselring or V-Y plastic), explain the peculiarities of its implementation, tell about the duration of the procedure and the recovery period.


A number of necessary medical analyzes is taken 3 weeks before the contouring plastics, and the use of anti-herpetic drugs is prescribed by the doctor. It is necessary to stop smoking and taking aspirin-containing drugs ten days before the operation. A week before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude the effect of scrubs on the lips. When choosing local anesthesia, food intake is necessary before the procedure, for general anesthesia – refusal from food 8 hours before the surgery.


It is supposed that after the operation the patient will stay in the hospital for several hours. In 5 days it is possible to return to normal life, however, it is desirable to give up eating solid food and doing active sports, avoid having baths and saunas, not to abuse the sun.


When referring to a professional surgeon, the risk of complications after surgery is minimal, but a short-term fever, allergies can occur.


The contour correction of the lips in Kiev has a different price depending on the scale of the future operation, which is evaluated by the doctor earlier during the individual consultation. The price for this type of plastic in Kiev and other cities also depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. When choosing a clinic, you should pay attention to the reviews of its patients.

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