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Brow lift

by one of the best plastic surgeons in Kyiv - Andrei Kharkov

Brow lift along with a forehead lift is a component of such plastic surgery as frontlifting. The main purpose of this type of contour correction is face correction and rejuvenation. If, when looking at your own reflection, you notice the lowering of the eyebrow line, which makes the facial expression gloomy, the lifting of the eyebrows will help to shake the life pendulum in the opposite direction, returning the lost youth. The operation belongs to the aesthetic category, often carried out in conjunction with eyelid correction. It is held for both women and men. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon performs incisions on the scalp, giving the eyebrows the desired position, after which the facial tissues are fixed on the temples. During the procedure, visual inspection is performed using an endoscope. The operation itself belongs to the category of low traumatic, characterized by a short rehabilitation.


Eyebrow raising (eyebrow lifting) is necessary when due to age-related changes the lowered eyebrow arches give a person a tired and sad look. This type of plastics is used to level deep inter-brow wrinkles or if there is an excess of fatty tissue above the eyes.

The reason for turning to a plastic surgeon may be flabby skin of the temporal region or the formation of deep, pronounced wrinkles around the eyes, when there is nothing left but to raise the eyebrows.

The shape and length of the surgical incision during surgery determines its type. There are the following types of frontlifting (eyebrow raising):

  • Endoscopic and temporal are carried out with the use of special self-absorbable sutures. Such a brow lift threads are perfect for those patients who have a high forehead or bald spots. In the course of contouring plastics, incisions are made on the scalp, through which a thread is inserted under the skin, tightening the tissue. If necessary, excess tissue is excised surgically.
  • The coronary frontlifting is characterized by an impressive incision a couple of centimeters from the hairline. After tightening the skin (eyebrow lifting), stitches are put on the wounds, which, if necessary, are additionally fastened with braces. That is why,this kind of rejuvenation of the upper third of the face is not suitable for the owners of lack of hair on the head.

You may be denied the procedure in case of chronic  or infectious diseases, diseases of the nervous or cardiovascular systems. Contraindications also include diabetes.


Taking into consideration the individual characteristics of each patient, an individual meeting with a plastic surgeon is required before the operation. It will not only help you choose the most appropriate type of procedure, but also give an opportunity to minimize the negative consequences and speed up the rehabilitation period.
During the preliminary consultation, specifically for you the course of the operation will be developed and appropriate recommendations will be given on preparing for its implementation. The surgeon will describe in detail and explain exactly what you should expect after a brow lift and exactly how it will pass.


In Kiev, as throughout the country, the operation is carried out under general anesthesia, therefore, requires adherence to a certain diet the day before (exclude food intake 8 hours before the eyebrow lift). In addition, this type of anesthesia will require passing a set of medical tests and examination. Even a few weeks (usually 3-4) before lifting, it is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol, stop taking aspirin-containing drugs that negatively affect blood clotting. Before the procedure it is recommended to avoid applying cosmetics on the skin of the face.


The first night after facelift often takes place in the hospital. After that, the patient can go home, where for another week you need to follow a certain regimen and take appropriate medications. It will be better if during this time you will be followed by a round-the-clock care of someone from relatives, friends or medical staff.

The first five days after surgery it is not recommended to make sudden movements of the head, take a shower, use a hair dryer. The patient spends a week in an elastic bandage, without removing adhesive plasters from wounds. One and a half months after the plastic surgery, you should avoid active physical exertion, for three months you must abandon the sauna, swimming pool and solarium.


After the operation on the second day, swelling is possible, which disappears after a few days. Significant complications after lifting of the eyebrows have never been noted, however, as with any surgical intervention there may be allergic reactions to anesthesia, the formation of hematomas, a temporary change in skin sensitivity. With poor-quality surgical intervention and inadequate qualifications of medical staff, infection is possible, as well as dissatisfaction with the final result. That is why the choice of the clinic should be approached with the utmost seriousness, without ignoring the preliminary consultation with the doctor.


The cost of eyebrow lifting in Kiev, as well as throughout Ukraine, depends on the specific situation of each patient. The complexity and volume of surgical intervention, defined at the initial consultation, determine the final cost of the operation. The total amount also depends on the professional level of the doctor performing the procedure, on the availability of modern expensive equipment in the clinic, which is involved in the operational process.

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