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Abdominoplasty (plastic reconstruction of abdomen)

by one of the best plastic surgeons in Kyiv - Andrei Kharkov

Abdominoplasty (abdominal plastic surgery, abdominal lift) is one of the most difficult and complex plastic operations, for aesthetic reasons it is increasingly included in the field of plastic surgery as the most common surgical intervention in body shape (body contours).

Evident deformation of abdomen, manifested by skin drooping in the form of folds, excessive fat deposition, postnatal linear atrophy and flabbiness of skin of anterior abdominal wall, make people ask a plastic surgeon for help.

Abdominoplasty is aimed at excess skin and fat tissues removal, correction of discharged muscles and removal of umbilical hernias.

Often, abdominoplasty is performed with abdomen liposuction.



  • a skin-fat “apron” presence in lower part of abdomen;
  • presence of linear atrophy, located predominantly in hypogastric area, in combination with skin flabbiness;
  • significant divergence of direct muscles of abdomen;
  • flabby skin combined with umbilical hernia;
  • extensive postoperative scarring.


At the meeting, we will discuss your medical history, especially as regards previous injuries (damages), allergic reactions and previous plastic surgeries, if any.

We will consider in detail all the problems that you are experiencing, which, you think, are undesirable and must be corrected.

After examining external characteristics of abdomen, we will discuss in detail your wishes and on how much, in our opinion, the operation will meet them.

Also you will be informed about all the details of the upcoming abdominoplasty, its duration, rehabilitation period and possible complications.


  • After the decision on the operation is already made, preoperative pictures are taken. These pictures are stored as part of your medical card. Before the operation, I will thoroughly analyze these pictures, and use them together with the data obtained after the examination to compile an individual plan of operation (to write out a stage of examination).
  • 14 days before the surgery, you should stop taking hormone and aspirin-containing medications. When it is impossible to do so, it is necessary to tell a surgeon about systematic medication. At the same time, you should refuse cigarettes or minimize them to 2 per day.
  • 7 days before the operation, it is necessary to exclude from the diet spicy and fatty dishes, as well as to stop drinking alcohol.
  • Do not eat or drink in the evening before the surgery. For safe anesthesia, your stomach should be completely empty before surgery.
  • In the morning on the day of the operation upon arrival to the clinic, a Patient should have comfortable clothing that does not squeeze stomach and which does not need to be removed through head, personal hygiene products, changeable underwear, all necessary documents and test results.


  • The first 2 days after the operation Patients should stay in the clinic day and night to recover. A sufficiently intensive treatment is performed with the use of analgesics, antibiotics and intravenous solutions that help to heal wounds.
  • During the first 2-3 weeks after the operation, it is recommended to exclude fatty, spicy, very salty and fried food, as well as alcoholic beverages and exotic fruits. Aspirin-containing medicine is forbidden. Avoid such actions as low slopes or lifting of weights as it can cause edema and pain.
  • Wear postoperative compression linen for a month.
  • During 2 months after the operation, it is forbidden to visit baths, saunas, solarium, as well as sunbathing. Also, in this period active sports, swimming are contraindicated.
  • For 2 years women are not recommended to plan pregnancy, it is impossible to stick to diets for a long time.
  • During the rehabilitation period, food rich in vitamins and microelements should be included into the diet.


  • After abdominoplasty it is not recommended to fly within 2 weeks, and for 4 weeks – to visit a sauna or a swimming pool. Physical exercise should be limited within 4-6 weeks. Aerobics, physical exercise and sports are not desirable for 6-8 weeks after surgery. Uncontrolled intake of drugs is also unacceptable.
  • A thorough pre-operative examination of A patient and fulfillment of all appointments and recommendations of a surgeon greatly reduces the risk of developing these problems. Complications characteristic of abdominoplasty are: formation of subcutaneous seromas (removed by repeated injections or drainage); die-off of a part of a skin-fat flap due to insufficient nutrition of skin or inflammation (this may require skin plastic and other repeated operations); persistent reduction or lack of sensitivity in the field of surgical intervention; formation of foci of uneven scarring, deforming an abdomen.
  • Despite a large number of theoretically possible complications, their actual frequency is quite low. Therefore, in objective analysis, a patient still tends to benefit from surgery, since probability of obtaining a high aesthetic result is quite high.

All of the above-mentioned complications after abdominoplasty are exceptions that arise periodically despite the leading standards in surgical practice. We have outlined them for the purpose of informing you properly and in no way intimidating.

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