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Gynecomastia in men is the growth of the mammary glands. It happens of a different nature – false or true. True is characterized by an increase in breast tissue, and the false one is provoked by obesity, due to which the mammary glands increase their volume, due to significant deposits of adipose tissue. Formation of gynecomastia – the appearance of seals in the tissues of the thoracic glands. Such a fibro-abiogenic tissue of high density often causes pain in touch, due to the rapid growth of the glandular tissue. Gynecomastia can develop at different ages – from the first months of life to the mature age. Its occurrence is provoked by the hormonal imbalance, accompanied by an increase in the level of female sex hormones or a decrease in the male. Often, the phenomenon is not anxiety and passes without external intervention, but there are situations where disturbance of the hormonal background requires constant observation and treatment. It can provoke the formation of cancerous tumors, so the removal of gynecomastia will be the only true solution.

LENGTH OF OPERATION:  up to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the particular case.
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Speaking of true gynecomastia, it arises because of the predominance of male sex hormones in the male body. With a healthy hormonal background, female hormones are produced in small quantities, breaking down in the liver. But, if their number is increased in comparison with male sex hormones, gynecomastia develops. Most often, the hormonal imbalance arises in the development of the endocrine system.

Physiological gynecomastia of infants disappears after a couple of weeks after birth, gynecomastia in adolescents is provoked by the restructuring of the hormonal background and is leveled independently in a couple of years; in men it arises on the background of lowering the level of testosterone or increasing estrogen at  the age of 55 to 85 years.

Physiological gynecomastia does not require surgical intervention. But when speaking about gynecomastia  as a form of pathology only an experienced specialist can help. “Removal of gynecomastia Kiev” – a frequent online request in the case where the cause of the occurrence of the pathology are:

  • testicular disease;
  • oncology of adrenal glands;
  • infectious diseases, HIV, tuberculosis;
  • mechanical trauma of testicles;
  • cirrhosis
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, the development of gynecomastia may also be caused by prolonged intake of a number of medicines and narcotic substances.

Ignoring gynecomastia can lead not only to physiological discomfort, but also to the development of breast cancer. If there is a discharge with impurities of blood from the nipples, visual changes in the skin, it is immediately necessary to consult a doctor.

The initial diagnosis is put by the endocrinologist, based on the description of the patient’s problem, his examination and palpation. In order to confirm the problem, the ultrasound of the mammary glands as well as the lymph nodes, is prescribed. An examination is also carried out to detect hormonal imbalance by measuring the concentration of testosterone, prolactin, and so on. If during such an analysis a high level of estradiol is detected, an examination for the presence of a cancerous tumor is prescribed.

Treatment of gynecomastia is more likely to begin with the use  of appropriate drugs to restore the patient’s hormonal background. If there is no positive dynamics, surgical intervention is recommended, which can be done in several ways:

  • Endoscopic mastectomy with slight enlargements of the mammary gland;
  • Mastectomy while maintaining Areola;
  • Mastectomy with liposuction to remove excess fat tissue.


To determine the problem and choose the path to its solution, it is initially necessary to sign up for an individual consultation with a plastic surgeon. When choosing the right clinic, pay attention not only to the price level, but also to the responses of its patients.
Carrying out of necessary examination will help to determine the seriousness of the situation, choose the appropriate procedure. “Operation gynecomastia,” gynecomastia surgery “- the number of requests for users of Internet resources indicates the frequent occurrence of this disease in men, boys. Therefore, it is not necessary to delay a visit to the doctor and diagnostic. Ignoring your own body at times is a very high price.


In the appointment of an intervention, a standard package of analyzes is given, additional tests are issued for the detection of the level of hormones in the body, consultation with the therapist and anesthesiologist. According to the results of analyzes, if necessary, other experts are also involved. The operation itself is carried out under general anesthesia, which standardly requires refusal of food for 8 hours before the procedure, excluding the use of aspirin-containing drugs for 3 weeks before surgery.


After surgery, patients are often left in the hospital for 2 days. However, the rehabilitation period itself, based on patient reviews, is insignificant and insufficient. Within a month, patients return to their usual way of life. During the first two – three weeks it is recommended to wear special corrective linen, refuse active physical activity, exclude swimming pool, sauna, solarium.
Gynecomastia operation price in Ukraine depends on the degree of complexity of the patient’s problems, the qualifications of the surgeon. It is determined by preliminary consultation during the inspection.

(RU) Стоимость процедуры в клинике в г. Киев

(RU) Гинекомастия операция цена в Украине зависит от степени сложности проблематики пациента, квалификации хирурга. Она определяется на предварительной консультации в ходе проведения осмотра. Операция проводится в клинике в г. Киев.

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The unique 3D modeling of the future operation result using the Vectra 3D XT machine, allows you, together with the doctor, to select the most natural, and organic result of breast surgery (changing the shapes or sizes according to the individual proportions).

Modeling procedure takes place during the personal consultation, where you have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor all the details of the future result. At the end of the procedure, the full presentation will be prepared by the doctor for you , with the view “before and after the changes”.


A personalized approach to the patient allows us to organize an online consultation and determine the exact volume of surgical treatment based on the provided diagnostics and studies, shows the results “before and after” on similar operations, identify the individual needs and wishes


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Plastic surgeries of breast correction the shape or volume -are the most popular in modern surgery, and the choice of the patient should be in favor of doctor’s experience, continuous education of the doctor and improvement of skills and techniques.

Considering the fact, that more than a half of patients in Ukraine are determined by the need for a second operation, the so-called "secondary procedure", the patient must to be extremely selective, informed, choosing a doctor.

Making such an important decision, change forms or correction of appearance - carefully weigh the cost of the operation in the way of possible complications from other’s unprofessional surgeries.