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by one of the best plastic surgeons in Kyiv - Andrei Kharkov

Gluteoplasty – a type of plastic surgery the goal of which is to improve the buttocks. Recently, it has enjoyed increasing popularity, since it allows to get desired forms without visiting the gym and exhausting training. Plastics to increase buttocks will help those patients who suffer from congenital anomalies of the development of a large buttock muscle, or insufficient development of it, development of atrophy because of mechanical injuries or diseases. It will also help in the case of abrupt change in weight, when due to rapid weight loss, there is a frostbite of the skin. Correction is performed for representatives of both sexes by installing implants of different sizes and shapes. Implants are selected individually in each particular case, depending on the available issues and patient’s views on the ideal figure. The implants may be round, oval or droplet, while round ones are considered correct from the point of view of observing the correct anatomical form. The composition of the implants for buttocks is similar to breast implants (filling – gel or saline) and can be smooth, rough or textured. They are produced taking into account possible physical stresses that are experienced later in running, walking, bending and other movements and consist of a tight partition – wall and filler. Modern implants have a lifetime warranty, which excludes replacement options over time.
REHABILITATION PERIOD:  up to one and a half months


An increase in the buttocks (gluteoplasty) is perfect for those patients who have a congenital (hereditary) flat shape of the buttocks, for those who have suffered injuries that change the primary proportions of the gluteal region. The procedure is prescribed to correct the proportions that change as a result of childbirth or over time, with apparent asymmetry, or simply if the patient wants to increase the buttocks with minimal time and effort.
Gluteoplasty may be refused in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, internal organs, improper functioning of the endocrine system, or in diabetes mellitus.
Surgery is carried out under general anesthesia. At the same time, implants in the buttocks are placed under the gluteus maximus (or under its fixation), in the upper part of the buttocks, avoiding contact with the sciatic nerve to prevent discomfort while walking. This feature of the procedure explains why it can be used to correct only the upper part of the buttocks.


An increase in the buttocks in Kiev (gluteoplasty) along with other cities of Ukraine is impossible without prior consultation with a plastic surgeon. Each patient is individual with his own body structure, usual physical activities, ideas about ideal forms, therefore each operation is the selection of the most suitable option for each specific person.
Preliminary consultation will allow the surgeon to get acquainted not only with your wishes, but also to study your medical history, take into account previous operations, exclude contraindications, choose the most suitable shape and size of the implant, taking into account the anatomical features of each patient. It is the structure of the body that can impose certain restrictions on the size of the selected implant, since the discrepancy between the size of the endoprosthesis and the number of soft tissues will lead to the fact that the correction will be visible to others from a certain angle. The approximate price of plastics can also be calculated.

The operation of gluteoplasty in Kiev provides the most positive reviews, because it gives an opportunity in the shortest possible time and without additional efforts to get the forms of your dreams.


At the stage of preparation for the operation of gluteoplasty, the patient needs to undergo a series of blood tests (general, biochemistry, clotting, blood type and the presence of HIV diseases). In addition, a urinalysis, electrocardiogram and fluorography are required.

Having decided to increase the volume of the buttocks, several weeks before the operation, it is recommended to give up cigarettes and alcohol, to reduce the intake of certain drugs that negatively affect blood clotting, to refrain from eating food and liquids before the operation for 8-10 hours.


The first few days after surgery, gluteoplasty patients spend in the hospital under the supervision of doctors.
For the entire recovery period, it is recommended to wear special compression garments that minimize discomfort. Also it is necessary to abandon active physical exertion, visits to the sauna, swimming pool, solarium. Discomfort from implants will pass by the end of the rehabilitation period (about two months). Then it will be possible to evaluate the final result of the procedure.


With strict adherence to physician’s prescriptions, the risks and complications after gluteoplasty (buttocks increase) are minimal. There is only the possibility of common negative consequences, as well as after any other surgical intervention: bleeding, suppuration, scars, allergic reactions. Hematomas or stretch marks are occasionally observed, but this phenomenon is temporary. Sometimes there is asymmetry or implant displacement. In case of unsatisfactory or insufficient results, the operation can be repeated, but not earlier than in six months. Controlling your own body weight will allow you to maintain the original result of the correction of the buttocks forever.


The price of gluteoplasty (plastics to increase the buttocks) depends on the individual indicators for the operation, the cost of the selected implant, and the qualifications of the surgeon. The approximate size of the price can be calculated at the initial consultation.

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