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by one of the best plastic surgeons in Kyiv - Andrei Kharkov

Eyebrows – an integral part of the person’s appearance. Depending on the fashion trends eyebrows pluck, color, shave. People are constantly trying to follow the existing standards of beauty, making eyebrows thick and wide, turning them into elegant threads or giving them the shape of astonished elation. The abundance of experiments does not save from the influence of time. With age, the effect of gravity on the soft tissues of the face is becoming increasingly noticeable. Muscles lose their tone by dropping their eyelids, which makes the eyes look tired and angry. And if you still feel young and full of vitality? In this case, forehead and eyebrow lift will help. Forehead and eyebrow lift is a common plastic surgery aimed at reducing the severity of horizontal and vertical frontal wrinkles, lifting the outer corners of the eyes and adjusting the eyebrow line. Of course, like any surgery, browlifting is an unnecessary intervention in our body, and it is worthwhile to use it when other, more gentle methods of appearance correction (competent make up, daily facial gymnastics, all kinds of “Injections of beauty” did not give the desired result. But, if you decide to conduct plastic surgery, then do not hesitate – with a lift of eyebrows and forehead, only your passport can reveal your age! There are several techniques for carrying out the forehead and eyebrows lift (endoscopic lifting, thread lift, and so on). The plastic surgeon decides which one to use at the initial consultation with the patient. The choice of a method is influenced by the degree of neglect of the problem, the nature of its occurrence.
DURATION OF OPERATION:  from 40 minutes to 2 hours
REHABILITATION PERIOD:  up to two months


A forehead lift (frontlifting) is performed to restore the correct proportions of the face.

The reasons for the change in the proportions of our face can be several:

  • natural age-related changes in appearance;
  • facial tissue atrophy;
  • congenital increased skin elasticity;
  • negative environmental effects and excess of ultraviolet rays;
  • various types of mechanical damage to the frontal area of the frontal nerve.

The most common cause is age, which, in the first place, women do not want to put up with. Anti-aging procedures, corrections and injections – what only women do not do in an attempt to fix their eyebrows in a slightly surprised, flirtatious position.

There are several types of forehead lifting, the most common are:

  1. The method of direct lifting (classical technology) – the skin is cut off in the direction of hair growth, and the incision continues in the direction of the auricle. After careful peeling, the skin is redistributed with the necessary change in muscle location. In case of availability of appropriate medical indications removal of excess fatty tissue is performed. After that, horizontal wrinkles are smoothed and sutures are applied. Excessive skin is cut off.
  2. Temporal face lift or temporal lift. It represents the making of incisions in the hairy part of the temporal areas (3-4 cm long) in case of lowering of the lateral brow areas.
  3. Transpalpebral access – tightening through incisions in the folds of the upper eyelid. Ideal for those who want to hide the procedure as much as possible, or they only seek to permanently weaken the muscles of the face with minimal effect on the skin.
  4. Endoscopic forehead lift is an effective simulation of brow arcs through small incisions of the scalp. In addition to special tools, a tiny video camera is introduced through these incisions, which helps in the implementation of surgical intervention. Plastic surgeons exfoliate the skin in the area where there are the least blood vessels, and fix it in the desired position with the help of invisible seams.
  5. The coronary lifting is characterized by making a cut in the scalp 15-20 cm long. Compared with other methods of correcting frontal wrinkles, this is one of the rarest to use because it has a significant cosmetic side effect — noticeable scar.

In addition to the methods described, forehead tightening with mesothreads is increasingly used. Especially, when we speak about sagging of eyebrows and eyelids, the appearance of noticeable folds in the nasolabial triangle. The greatest advantage of the use of threads is that this method does not require cuts, seams, and, therefore, completely leaves no scars. This type of lifting is performed under local anesthesia and does not require a hospital stay. Forehead lift video is available on the sites of many clinics of plastic surgery.

The key reason for which lifting is recommended is the age-related lowering of the brow line, as well as all the tissues of the upper third of the face, the appearance of sagging and a significant decrease in skin elasticity, which leads to the appearance of deep horizontal wrinkles in the forehead. But unsuccessful configuration of the eyebrow, for example, may be innate. Excess skin on the upper eyelid may be also congenital.

Among the contraindications are the following diseases:

  • hypertension
  • diabetes (І and ІІ types)
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • oncology
  • poor blood clotting


Before contouring plastics you must individually consult a doctor. Depending on your situation and the degree of neglect of the problem, he will determine the most suitable type of lifting (endoscopic, using threads, etc.) and explain how the procedure goes and what is necessary to do in the postoperative period.


The type of anesthesia depends on the results of the primary examination by the surgeon. Anesthesia may be general, combined, or local.
Before any surgical intervention, a mandatory examination is carried out (testing, consultation of the therapist and anesthesiologist), which can last up to three days.


Depending on the chosen technique, the operation can last from forty minutes to a couple of hours. The rehabilitation period on average takes about three weeks. In this case, the first week the patient wears a special bandage, cares for the stitches, which are removed for 7-10 days. The postoperative effect of plastics can be assessed only after two months.


Despite the visible advantages of plastics, it also has its side effects. The most common is pain, swelling of varying degrees, bruising, and numbness. The inattentive choice of the clinic at the request of “endoscopic forehead lifting Kiev” increases the risk of infection, the formation of hematomas, noticeable scars, the emergence of postoperative asymmetry of eyebrows.


The price of forehead lift is formed at the stage of preliminary consultation. The price in Kiev and in Ukraine directly depends on the complexity of the specific situation, the experience of the surgeon and the level of the clinic where the procedure is performed.

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